Maysara Salah El-din

  • Chaise longue *Maysara Salah El-din

    الغربة كان أحساسى دايما وسطكوا I have always felt banished among you ,

    what about you??

    my eyes were fixed on the ground

    Silence was my desire and feature

    My sentiment tree is shaking with secrets

    None of its fruits was describable

    in caves of absence or at revealed rituals

    isolation would not let my heart go free

    griped by questioning ghosts

    with palms toughened by grief


    All ports fiercely reject my boat

    All sea shores madly banish me

    First call for help is lost among clouds

    Last one has no more need

    Darkness,thunder and lightening in fierceness of drowning

    Waves covering eachother , and Iam left with no cover

    Begging all maps for a charity of sadness

    & banging the compass head against the foggy walls

    After I excuse myself and take my leave

    I will live clone slow death

    Maysara Salah El-din


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